Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

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Ultimate customer service is our prime objective; however, keeping international rules and regulations in mind, customers must abide by specific terms and conditions if they visit our website (https://www.vjediter.com).

1. Using, copying, duplicating, modifying, or any other intentional infringement in the name VJ EdiTER, website URL, or website content will be subjected to the violation of the right of protection, i.e., trademark and copyright laws. This can be done with the trademark and copyright holder.

2. Editing and proofreading or translation services are only provided to improvise the readability and flow of the content and don’t guarantee the content’s duplicity or originality. The client will be solely responsible for the material they provided for editing and proofreading. However, if the similarity is found above the limit, the client may ask us to reduce the content similarity to the standard limit. We will be happy to provide such services with additional charges.

3. Your document’s confidentiality, privacy and integrity are our priority. VJ EdiTER will not provide access to your document to a person apart from our editor. After the completion of the project, the client’s copies and all the confidential information will be removed from our systems with client consent within six months.

4. VJ EdiTER will not be responsible for any plagiarized/copied content in your document. However, we have the facility to check the same on demand from the client and solve them to reduce the level of similarity in your content.

5. No refund will be processed if a project is closed, as per our records. Once an order is placed with us and assigned to the editor, it will not be cancelled and will not be refunded. This is only possible when somehow the editor cannot provide the services or cannot complete your service for any reason.

6. Although we have a concrete structure of quality assurance unit, VJ EdiTER doesn’t guarantee the content originality, 100% error-free or completeness. We will advise you to check the highlighted portions or may ask you to provide the exact details for inclusion. It will take the client’s responsibility to accept, reject or amend. Therefore, the content of any finished work is entirely the author’s responsibility.

7. In the case of dissatisfaction, a client may contact or complain to us within ten days of project completion with transaction and conversation details. We will be liable for resolving that complaint after investigation and will let you know within five working days. However, the decision we take after resolution will be final, and the clients have to abide by the same.


Skilled Editors and proofreaders: Our expert team is from various scientific fields and is supported by the latest technologies.

1. Privacy: Your document's confidentiality is our priority. We follow all the security standards to protect your work.

2. Response time: Based on the intensity and size of the documents, our minimum completion time is 1 day and a maximum of 7 days.

3. Quality Service: We strive for customer satisfaction. Our quality assessment process is rigorous and independently verified per ethical standards.