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For providing a professional tone and the best presentation, your documents need to be error-free. Scientists, students, academicians, industrialists, legal advisors, writers, or job seekers may need such services for improvising their content. We provide editing, writing and proofreading services for documents like patents, research and review articles, website contents, vlogs. editorials, CVs/resumes, mini-reviews, theses, dissertation reports, and project proposals. Business, Bachelor, Master and Ph. D. Scholars may avail our services for the timely completion of their dissertation and thesis works.

1. Editing Process Includes

  • Para rephrasing

  • Spellings (American English and British English), grammar, and syntax check.

  • Setting tone and flow

  • Sentence simplification

  • Bibliography (if any)

  • Table formatting

  • Logic and flow setting


  • Master and Ph. D. thesis

  • Research and review papers

  • Scientific books (print or online)

  • Scientific editorials, synopsis, essays, SV/Resume and reports

2. Proofreading Process Includes

  • Spellings (American English and British English), grammar, syntax and punctuation check.

  • Signs and symbols check

  • Space corrections

  • Time and date, header and footer information

  • Front page drafting and corrections

  • Table, figure and bibliography citations and positioning

  • Note: As per the journals, companies or universities' guidelines


  • Master and Ph. D. thesis

  • Research and review papers

  • Scientific books (print or online)

  • Scientific editorials, synopsis, essays, SV/resume, and reports


You may need to translate your document into another language. Securing our translation service may help you penetrate deeper into diverse communities dependent on a single language. This service applies to all types of documents of Hindi and English only. Current services are only open for English to Hindi and Hindi to English at lesser charges.


Offering quality and original content is our utmost priority. Having been equipped with the latest software, we ensure the least similar content in your document. Additionally, our expert team helps reduce the similarity of your content as per the international standard.

Why is a plagiarism check needed?

In the world of online information, doing research has become more accessible. However, it poses various challenges related to plagiarism and copyright infringement. It is a punishable offence. We people hardly know the consequences of copying anything from other sources. Keeping your content original is the best way to eliminate these issues. But the question is, how to avoid it? There is software that can detect the similarity of your document with others. All we need to do is to rectify and prevent them in your content. Keeping your content original will help you improvise your image and gain users' trust. We do it for you at very nominal charges.

Response time

We provide the detailed plagiarism report within one working day. You can contact us for methods of reducing the similarity of your content with the others to make it original.


This is one of the most tedious jobs for scientific professionals. Finding the most suitable journal for the publication of the scientific manuscript avoids the chance of frequent rejection from the journals. One has to comply with the journal's requirements and scope. This is what exactly we can do for you.


Facing difficulties in deciding research topics, designing experiments and hypotheses, shaping your presentation, writing, editing and proofreading skills, statical analysis and timely submission of your theses, projects, essays, manuscripts and patents may cost mental stress and your precious time. We are here to help you with ultimate solutions per international standards.


Reports, essays, manuscripts, novels, books, and several office documents need word reduction to improvise readability and readers' focus while reading the document. This service helps you concise and precise your content. We reduce the word count of your content without compromising its quality.

Why is a word count service needed?

Reducing word count is a serious concern in publishing your manuscript in an international journal. This issue is one of the primary criteria for rejecting manuscripts. They have constraints on word count as per their journal standards and norms. Doing this helps them to compile concise content with focused and relevant content. Limited word count is the primary criterion for the university's and journals' guidelines for thesis or manuscript submission. Provided with this service may help you get the expected word count limit well in time with the intended meaning and flavour of your work.


Publishing your content needs expertise. It comes with experience and consistent effort and may cost your precious time. Moreover, only devoting time may not ensure the publication of your manuscripts or books in a suitable journal of choice. Securing our services may ensure professional editing, proofreading, formatting, timely submission, and peer review defence process smooth and easy.

The main aim of providing this service is to help you

  • Getting your paper published in Scopus, Web of Science, UGC Care, and SCI Indexed journals

  • Finding suitable journals and publishers for the publication of your manuscripts and books, respectively.

  • Addressing the reviewers' and editors' comments during the peer review process.

  • Submitting or communicating your manuscripts to the journal of your choice. 

  • Addressing plagiarism-related issues 

  • Solving plagiarism of your content to the acceptable limit 

  • Shaping your content as per the requirement of the journals and publishers

  • Providing expert touch to your content

  • Shorting your content and making it publishable

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